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"After feeding my 6 month old boy cereal he always needs a little water. The water bottle adaptor is just so convenient and I know the water is fresh"
- Sara, Dallas, TX

"I remember the first time I used the water bottle adaptor, it was at my son's soccer game and everyone had their water bottles but my littlest son AJ, seven months. He was thirsty too so I just screwed the adaptor on and he had his own water"
- Mary Ann, Oxnard, CA

"Recently I hurriedly ran out of the house, forgetting a bottle to feed my baby. Thanks to the nipple adaptor, I just poured some formula into a bottle of water, screwed on the nipple, and voila! My hungry infant sure appreciated my not having to go in search of a bottle."

"We went to an outdoor festival the other day. Instead of carrying around a bunch of bulky bottles in my diaper bag, I just loved throwing in the small nipple adaptor and then buying the water there. It even fits in a small purse... so nice for a mom with enough "stuff" to carry!"

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